QMS for SugarCRM
QMS for SugarCRM
Step into the customer experience era

Getting a new client is 5x more expensive than retaining one. Real business happens after the deal is closed. Managing expectations and delivering on the promise is a given in the world of informed and outspoken customers. Proper Quality Management helps lower costs, achieve better margins, command higher retention/renewal rates, and hence market share

Companies that don’t have a QMS plan usually struggle with product safety, product quality as well as failure to achieve regulatory compliance.

Ambit augments the already powerful SugarCRM capability as a modern SaaS-based CRM to also managing customer expectations post-sales. Adding case and nonconformance management, to guiding on corrective actions and conducting audits.



Document Complaints & Classify them, Perform Risk Assessments, View Product History, Identify Root Cause Analysis, Customer Communication, Implement Actions and comply with the regulations.


The module records key metrics about the NC and provides a dashboard with Location, Defect type & subtype, corresponding Product and Assigned To, and visualize the NC metrics.


Log defect notifications from sources such as User Forums, Customer Portal, Webform, Email or Twitter. Prioritize CAPA and take them through stages: New, Assigned, Pending, Closed (resolved), Rejected.


Manage the lifecycle of audit planning, through execution (findings & reports) and closure. records key metrics such as Audit Type, Outcome (pass/fail), Audit Status, Audit stage of in-progress Audits and Lead Auditor


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