Ambit Software Announces Strategic Partnership with Whatfix to Enhance Customer Experience

Pune, 2nd Jan 2024 – Ambit Software, a leading software solutions and services company, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Whatfix, a pioneer in Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS). This collaboration is poised to elevate customer experience and drive improved user adoption for Ambit Software’s clients.

The partnership aims to empower Ambit Software’s customers by enhancing employee experience, reducing support and training overhead, and maximizing the return on technology investments.

Whatfix’s innovative contextual, interactive, and real-time in-application guidance platform will offer Ambit Software users seamless in-app workflows, feature highlights, and self-help options. This strategic integration is designed to boost user familiarity with high-value features, elevate overall customer experience, and foster deeper in-app engagement.

Jenit Ramaiya, CEO & MD of Ambit Software, expressed the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding solutions, stating, “Ambit is committed to offering the best possible solutions to its clients. Partnering with innovative product companies that can help us effectively deliver a great customer experience is a key priority. Partnering with Whatfix is yet another important step in that direction. User training and feedback are essential for increasing adoption rates, further improving product and user experiences. We have experienced the unique capabilities that Whatfix delivers in improving user adoption.”

Global Head of Sales at Whatfix, emphasized the significance of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) in the evolving technological landscape. He stated, “As technological landscapes continue to evolve in 2023, businesses should consider DAPs as an integral part of a digital transformation journey that can make or break any digital transformation. Our collaboration with Ambit Software demonstrates the impact of Whatfix’s platform and helps us meet our mission of enabling ubiquitous access to technology for all.”

Ambit Software, known for its industry-leading enterprise solutions, has strategically partnered with relevant and award-winning enterprise solutions to ensure a superior customer experience.

About Ambit: Ambit Software is a leading consulting, digital transformation, and software engineering company. By partnering in the growth of both enterprises and ISVs, we create IT-led infinite possibilities to capture their next significant business opportunity.

About Whatfix: Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Solution disrupting Application Training, Learning, and Support content by providing Contextual, Interactive, Real-Time, and Autonomous user guidance, driving additional adoption and productivity gains. With a proven track record of increasing employee productivity by 35% and reducing training time and costs by 60%, Whatfix is based in San Jose, San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Sydney, and Bangalore.

June 6, 2024

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