Production Management

Production environments face typical challenges like managing the cost of raw materials, global competition, extended supply chains, and the availability of a skilled workforce. These challenges are compounded by the demand for innovative products, competitive pricing, and consistent quality.

The uncertainty of the current business climate has forced manufacturers to focus on scalable solutions and high customer fulfillment. Using the right tools to manage production that can manage all aspects of operation like product data, work order, scheduling, and quality is the central theme.

Ambit offers businesses a flexible and scalable software solution that helps plan, execute, track, and control their production output.


Product Data Management

Define, manage and maintain your products throughout their lifecycle

Work Order Management

For both discrete and batch-driven manufacturers

Planning & Scheduling

Easily coordinate the materials and schedule your operations for on-time delivery

Quality Assurance

Produce and deliver the way you intended with automated quality control

Manufacturing Execution System

Real-time updates via barcode scanners and tablet devices

Global Production Management

Manufacture the same item in different ways at each location

Alliances & Platforms


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